Hannah Kopen


Hannah Kopen's Actor Profile and Modeling Portfolio

I am an actor, a teacher, a friend, a daughter, a caretaker, a lover of all things magical and glittery. I am a character performer, an improviser, a brand ambassador, a world traveler, a singer, a dancer, a face painter, a hula hooper, a hair braider, a spoken word poet, and a fierce coloring partner. I am a magical moment maker!

Hannah provides stellar kid's entertainment for themed parties and events. She is an actress, a childcare provider, brand ambassador, preschool teacher, and a live performer for all special occasions!

Teaching preschool to 14 three-year-olds this past year was my most humbling and joyful job. I am an eager participant in the wonders of childhood. My hope is to give that same carefree energy, inherent curiosity, and effortless playfulness to every person I touch through my performances. I call it “performative transformational energy.”

Let me help you add pizzaz and a little sparkle to your child’s birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, or other special event! I can dress up in full costume as your child’s favorite disney princess, storybook character, candy land character or any classic character. Simply ask your child who he or she wants to meet at their party, and most likely I will be able to whip up some magical transformation and perform as that character! 

My activities range from: singing, music, sing alongs, games, comedy fun, fantasy play, story telling, super hero training, princess dancing, fashion show, arts and crafts, face painting, hula hooping, temporary tattooing, hair braiding, photo ops, and help with greeting guests and cutting birthday cake.

If you and your child wish to invite me to your event, please contact me through my contact page!

Promise me that you will always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
— Christopher Robin